Move Past the Geo-Fence with Placed Targeting

People generate thousands of locations a day with their smartphones, so why only target a mobile ad against a single place?

Placed Audiences

Placed Audiences uses location / visitation patterns as the core understanding of consumers. Combining location with consumer demographics, mobile devices, and apps usage makes for the most accurate and scaled audience targeting capability available.

Placed Locations

Choose from over 90MM validated business locations to generate geo-targeting campaigns. Geo-fence, Geo-conquest or find locations where high-value consumers tend to congregate.

Placed Targeting Segments

Placed uses the following elements to construct segments that can be used for targeting.

Targeting Attributes

Business Visitation

Top 200 Businesses


Operating System

Age Range

(18-24, 24-34, 35-44)

Marital Status






Targeting Segments (Examples)



Fashion Shoppers

Frequent Travelers

Wireless Phone

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Simply request Placed Targeting on your next campaign. Placed works with some of the largest mobile networks and publishers, and is continually adding to our list of partners.

Find out if your provider is a Placed partner or contact us if you'd like us to work with them.

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Placed Targeting expands your targetable inventory without sacrificing performance. Be confident that the ads served are reaching the right audience in the right place.

Contact us to enable Placed Targeting on your mobile network or site, and join our growing list of partners.

What People are Saying about Placed Targeting

"... targeting the right consumer; driving foot traffic, and then proving what worked. Placed Targeting and Attribution are now an important part of that formula at Verve..."

- James Smith, CRO at Verve

"... crunching billions of location data points to tell advertisers exactly which places their audiences frequent the most in the real world..."

- Taylor Soper, Geekwire

Placed also offers Attribution, enabling Advertisers, Agencies, Publishers and Ad Networks to connect ad exposure with in-store visits. Learn more about Placed Attribution.