November and December are high stakes months for retailers. It’s a period when nearly one-fifth of annual sales occur.

Placed and Kantar Media merged their respective data on advertising expenditures and in-store visitor counts to calculate a ratio of ad spend versus share of visitors. The metric has been used to evaluate and compare the results achieved by top national retail chains over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend and provide insights on how offline advertising helps drive in-store customer traffic during a critical promotional period.

Report Content

  • Walmart had the lowest visitor acquisition cost, spending $1.9 million per share point with a 38.0% share of store visitor traffic.
  • Target spent nearly as much on TV advertising as Walmart but drew about one-third as many shoppers (13.2% share)
  • Macy’s spent $10.5 million per visitor share point, more than five times greater than Walmart.

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