The State of Place: Q2 2013 analyzes Americans’ offline behaviors to reveal the top businesses, categories and consumer trends that shaped the second quarter. Find out the 50 most-visited U.S. destinations and which businesses experienced the largest gains during Q2.

The State of Place is based on data from Placed Insights. Leveraging the world’s largest location panel, Placed Insights measures 100 million locations a day across more than 100,000 U.S. panelists who have opted-in to share their location, creating the most accurate and comprehensive view of consumer behavior in the physical world.

Among the Study’s Key Findings

  • McDonald’s, Walmart and Subway ranked as the most-visited destinations in June.
  • Pizza Hut, Chili's, Costco and Denny’s posted the largest gains in rank among the top 50 businesses.
  • Movie Theaters secured a spot among the fastest-gaining categories fueled by several summer blockbusters.
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