Mobile's impact on the way offers are consumed and redeemed

In today's mobile-first world, a consumer's smartphone covers many different needs that previously could only be filled by multiple electronic devices. Similarly, shoppers no longer need to devote time to clipping coupons from the newspaper; they now have a device that can help them find deals instantaneously. To better understand how consumers use mobile to save both in-store and online, Placed and RetailMeNot partnered to conduct a follow-up study to the “State of Holiday Shopping” and surveyed over 10,000 consumers from Placed's mobile audience. The insights uncover an omnichannel trend around how consumers seek and redeem coupons in 2016.

Among the study's key findings:

  • More consumers search for coupons via mobile app than in print, with mobile apps being the top place to find coupons. 42.8% of consumers turn to mobile apps when seeking out coupons, while 35.9% look to print.
  • Shoppers are a selective audience when it comes to the retail apps they use. The majority of shoppers (73%) have two or fewer shopping apps on their phone.
  • Shoppers prefer coupons over other types of promotions. More than 3 in 5 consumers actively seek out coupons in preference of other types of promotions. Rebates are the second most preferred type of promotion that 1/3 of consumers seek out prior to shopping.
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