Mothers are one of the most valuable consumer segments, with purchasing power and influence that exceeds any other demographic group. By understanding the connection between moms and the grocery aisles they visit, retailers and CPG companies are able to better address this segment to increase market share and target audience reach.

Moms in the Grocery Aisle opens up insights into the real world shopping behaviors of mothers, including the retailers they visit, the role of smartphones as shopping companions, and the risks and opportunities for grocery stores and CPG companies in 2014.

This report layers in Placed Questions, a feature within Placed Insights, which combines attitudinal insight gathered via mobile survey questions with the direct measurement of consumers’ location activities.

Among the Study’s Key Findings

  • Kroger was the most-visited grocery store with 13.7% of US mothers visiting in November 2013, more than double the reach of #2 grocer Aldi (6.5%).
  • Mothers were 26% less likely to visit specialty grocers Trader Joe’s and 41% less likely to visit Whole Foods, while both grocers slightly over indexed for females without children.
  • Mothers were 11% more likely to access coupons on their smartphone prior to grocery shopping instead of while in store.
  • Just 5% of smartphone couponing moms prefer to access CPG sites while in stores, with coupon and grocer websites preferences 5 times larger.

Report Content

  • Top Grocery Stores for Mothers
  • Deal-Oriented Retailers Most Likely to Attract Moms
  • Grocery Store Visitation by Ethnicity
  • Planning: The Role of Smartphones in Grocery Shopping
  • In-Store: Grocery Couponing Preferences
  • Brands: In-Store Couponing Preferences by Grocer
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