Location Accuracy – The Next Viewability Challenge Facing Marketers

"In the near future, marketers will require a viewability-like metric to gauge the accuracy of location used for media, targeting, attribution and analytics," said Benjamin Bring, VP, Mobile Media Director at Ansible.

"Not all data is created equal. You have to be very diligent in determining the accuracy of location data coming off the exchanges," said Joao Machado, Director of Mobile at OMD. "Quality beats scale all day long and 1st party data is the gold standard in quality of location data."

Study's key findings include:

  • The average accuracy of exchange-derived locations is over 4 New York City blocks.
  • After filtering for location accuracy, only 1% of bid requests are useful for in-store measurement (based on a location accuracy < 50 meters).
  • 80% of bid requests are made while people are in between visits—and most of the rest are made at home, limiting viable use of the data for determining store visitation or affinity.