Aisle to Amazon How Amazon is Impacting Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

The Placed: Aisle to Amazon Study provides an unprecedented look at the impact of the digital world on brick-and-mortar shopping behaviors including analysis on showrooming, demographic trends, purchasing profile, and the impact of Amazon Prime membership.

The study is based on 14,925 U.S. survey respondents combined with the direct measurement of nearly 1 billion U.S. location data points during January 2013. By directly measuring consumers’ paths in the physical world, Placed provides a unique view into how Amazon is altering the retail landscape and what retailers need to know in order to proactively protect their market share.

Q: Have you purchased an item on after looking at the same item in a physical retail store?

Among the study’s key findings

  • Showroomers that purchase on Amazon are 20% more likely to visit Best Buy and 15% more likely to visit Target than average, but several other retailers face an even greater risk.
  • Walmart, which currently does not price match, was the relative “safest” of the three retailers with showroomers 10% and 15% less likely to visit Walmart when compared to Target and Best Buy.
  • Males and Females that showroom demonstrated significant differences between the brick-and-mortar stores they were likely to visit. Best Buy took the top spot for males who were 39% more likely to visit the electronics store than the average U.S. consumer, while Kohl’s led for Females at 49%.