sourced from Placed's best-in-class location platform gives you the most informed view of offline consumer behavior. Get the insights necessary to grow and retain key customer segments, benchmark your business against the competition, and measure the impact of advertising campaigns in driving foot traffic to your stores.

Gain Insight into Customers’ Behaviors and Preferences

Measure visitation trends over time and understand how macro and micro-level events affect real world behavior. Hone in on your most valuable customer segments to understand the places they have the highest and lowest affinity to visit.

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Build, Scale, and Measure the Offline Impact of Marketing

Understand what is unique about the visitation behaviors of your audience and the places they have a high affinity to visit. Capitalize on these insights to reach a wider audience through targeted marketing efforts, and quantify success based on measured changes in behavior.

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Solving Location with Place Graph®

Placed measures 140 billion locations a month, across more than 150 million devices. This data is then run through our Inference Pipeline which references a place database with nearly 300 million features for the US alone. The Inference Pipeline doesn't require panelists to check-in, complete surveys, or keep a journal, rather the models predict a place using directly measured device data.

The output is Placed's Place Graph®, a comprehensive understanding of the relationships between people and places. Placed's Place Graph® provides clients with access to the largest repository of offline insights into the paths and behaviors of consumers.

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Features Put You In Control

Reporting UI

Access the full suite of analytics reports in the Placed Insights web interface. Designed to match the usability of leading web analytics solutions; apply filters, compare data sets and export reports for deep insights.


Gain insight into more than 200 business categories and 2,000 distinct business brands including retailers, restaurants, banks, hotels, and more.


Gain insights at the U.S. national and regional levels to understand how your audience compares to the average.


Understand the correlations between various businesses and categories. View which businesses share a common audience - and which ones do not.