Placed Standardizes In-Store Attribution and Location Targeting Across Programmatic and Network Advertising Partners

DSPs DataXu, RUN, The Trade Desk Join Adelphic and StrikeAd to Partner with Placed to Measure Impact of Programmatic Advertising on Store Visits

SEATTLE, WA, April 21, 2015 - Placed Inc., the leader in location-driven insights and ad intelligence, today announced that six new demand side platforms (DSP) and networks have agreed to use Placed Attribution as the measurement solution for marketers to measure the effectiveness of digital advertising in driving store visits. In addition, each partner will have access to Placed Targeting, enabling marketers to leverage location to target audience segments.

DataXu, RUN, and The Trade Desk join Adelphic and StrikeAd as previously announced DSPs integrated with Placed. With the addition of these partners, Placed firmly establishes itself as the standard currency to measure the impact of programmatic advertising to store visits.

New network partners integrating Placed include Drawbridge, TapJoy, and Vistar Media. These partners will also have access to Placed Targeting, which enables advertisers to reach audience segments utilizing location.

The announcement follows a recent decision by the nation's top media agencies, including IPG Mediabrands, DigitasLBi, Horizon, Crossmedia, Southwest Media Group, and Essence, to select Placed Attribution as the preferred digital to in-store measurement solution.

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Placed Attribution

With 9 out of 10 conversions associated with digital advertising occurring offline, Placed Attribution closes the attribution loop, setting the industry standard for measuring ad effectiveness for both media buyers and sellers.

"Programmatic is no longer limited to measuring online conversions," said David Shim, Founder and CEO at Placed. "In partnering with Placed, these demand side platforms are enabling marketers to measure and optimize against store visitation, which represents over 90% of all retail transactions. The ability to measure beyond the device will only accelerate the growth in programmatic across advertisers."

"With this announcement, Placed is now the common currency for programmatic to measure in-store visitation," said Shim."In providing an attribution solution focused around accuracy, validation, and independent of media, Placed has partnered with over 60 publishers, networks, technology providers, and agencies to deliver the industry standard for store attribution."

Placed Targeting

Placed Targeting enables advertisers to reach audiences with location based look-a-likes, expanding beyond basic point-of-interest targeting. By mapping the relationship between people and places, Placed is able to identify targetable latitude and longitude pairs that over index for a given audience segment.

"Location 1.0 was focused around targeting using proximity to store," said David Shim, Founder and CEO at Placed. "Placed Targeting is Location 2.0, moving beyond proximity to stores, and using location to reach audiences as they consume the physical world."

On average, Placed Targeting expands the number of addressable locations by 500 times that of targeting store locations alone can achieve. This enables marketers to move past store proximity to target the other 99% of consumer locations, driving scale and performance when utilizing location.

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"With our partnership with Placed, DataXu is opening up the physical world to programmatic, enabling our clients access to best in class solutions for location targeting and in-store attribution," said Adam Markey, Director of Product Management at DataXu. "Seeing firsthand the noise associated with location, it was important to DataXu to select a partner focused on accuracy. With over 200MM first party locations measured on a daily basis, and the only solution in market that validates store visits, Placed enables DataXu customers to confidently connect the digital to the physical world."

"Transparency in programmatic is key in evaluating inventory, audience, performance, and attribution," said Mark Costa, EVP, Platform & Ad Operations. "The partnership with Placed compliments RUN's pre-existing suite of solutions enabling RUN to quantify the impact of mobile advertising on in-store visits. Placed's approach to in-store attribution is one that isn't dependent upon noisy and sparse ad impression data, rather they bring with them a proprietary data set focused on breadth and accuracy designed to measure store visits. By partnering with Placed, RUN can now leverage the world's largest location panel and billions of directly measured locations which turn complex location data into actionable insights for our clients."

"As a marketing technology leader, we work with clients daily to employ best practices in understanding – and crediting – the path to purchase," said David Danziger, VP of Enterprise Partnerships at The Trade Desk. "By partnering with Placed, we will be able to offer media buyers the industry standard and market share leader for in-store attribution. By accessing Placed's capability through our buying platform, our clients will be able to better leverage user location to target behaviors and drive digital reach and performance."


"With consumers spending more and more time on various connected devices, but the vast majority of retail sales still happening in physical stores, there is a huge opportunity for marketers to tie their online marketing efforts to offline results," said Dini Mehta, Drawbridge's Regional VP of Sales for the West and Midwest. "Working with a trusted partner like Placed enables marketers to understand the lift in foot traffic driven by digital reach, and there is tremendous value in that for our advertising clients."

"Standardizing attribution is key to the growth in any digital advertising channel - whether focused on ad impressions, completed video views or app engagements," said Paul Longhenry, SVP Corporate Development, Tapjoy. "In working with Placed, Tapjoy has identified a partner that is driving this standardized attribution value prop for in-store engagements. Together, Tapjoy and Placed are able to help advertisers understand the true ROI associated with their mobile campaigns."

"As a company that devotes considerable resources to building geospatial technology and understanding geotemporal data sets, Vistar looks for measurement partners whose approach to working with location data is sound, accurate, and respectful of the nature and limitations of various sources of location data," said Michael Provenzano, co-founder and CEO of Vistar Media. "Unlike other providers in the space who are leveraging mobile bid request data for foot traffic measurement despite insufficient observations at the user level, Placed's mobile panel provides the scale and accuracy of location data derived from passive GPS, along with the added insight attained through qualitative feedback from panelists."


In addition to the new partnerships announced, Placed works with 60 publishers, networks, and DSPs to deliver a best in class currency to measure the effectiveness of digital advertising to store visits. Named partners include AdTheorent, Collective, Conversant, Dstillery, InMobi, Millennial Media, Opera Mediaworks, PayPal, Pandora, Qualia, Retale, Rocket Fuel, SessionM, Thinknear, Undertone, The Weather Channel, and xAd.

World's Largest Opt-In Location Panel

Placed is also significantly expanding its panel. In December of 2014, Placed crossed 500,000 active opt-in panelists representing 1 in 500 Americans above the age of 13. On average Placed measures a thousand latitude and longitude pairs per user per day. Placed is the proactive leader in location and privacy, with an explicit double opt-in and value exchange with all panelists. This opt-in has enabled Placed to measure more than 100 billion locations and validate more than 20 million visits to date.

About Placed

Placed is the leader in location-driven insights and ad intelligence. Measuring billions of locations across the world's largest opt-in location audience, Placed provides the most comprehensive understanding of consumers' offline behaviors. Connecting the physical and digital worlds, Placed is the industry standard currency for brands, agencies, and publishers to measure ad exposure to store visit, target location at scale, and deliver actionable insights into consumer behavior.

Founded in January 2011, Placed is headquartered in Seattle and is backed by Madrona Venture Group and Two Sigma Ventures.

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