Placed Connects Snapchat Users to Store Visits by Gender, Age, and Ethnicity

Snapchat Users 21% More Likely to Have Watched X-Men: Apocalypse

SEATTLE, WA, August 8, 2016 - Placed, Inc., the leader in location driven insights and ad to store attribution, measured the online and offline behavior of nearly 2 million double opt-in users to connect Snapchat users to offline store visits. This independently conducted analysis found that not all Snapchat users are equal, and that age, ethnicity, and income play material roles in the real world stores visited.


  • Gender: Carl's Jr. and Domino's Pizza were the most popular businesses for Males with Snapchat installed, while Maurice's and Rue21 topped the list for Females. Gender preferences were apparent with no overlap in the top 10 businesses.
  • Age: The most popular businesses for 18 – 24 among Snapchat users are Hollister and Hot Topic, 25 – 44 Carl's Jr and Del Taco, 45+ Menards and Marathon Gas Station. Snapchat's audience segments clearly translate to differentiated behaviors offline in the physical world.
  • Ethnicity: Segmentation by ethnicity provided the most diverse set of businesses with Church's, Jamba Juice, Stater Bros, and Casey's General Store topping the lists across African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and Caucasians.

"With over 100MM users, Snapchat isn't just about reaching a teenage audience", said David Shim, Founder and CEO at Placed. "Snapchat's audience diversity extends to the offline world with the most popular business across demographics including Family Dollar to Nordstrom's."


"In May 2016, 20th Century Fox purchased a roadblock of all of Snapchat's lens' to promote the release of X-Men: Apocalypse. To measure the ROI of this roadblock, Placed identified those in its double opt-in audience with Snapchat installed, and then directly measured did they visit a theatre during opening weekend. Post the directly measured visit to the theatre, Placed pushed a question to those users asking them, "What movie did they watch?"


  • Sponsored Geofilters: By leveraging Sponsored Geofilters, retailers with a high % of store visitors with Snapchat installed can extend the brand experience from bricks to snaps.
  • Snap Ads: By placing ads in select Snapchat Stories, where demos can vary significantly based on content, advertisers can focus dollars to reach the audience that is going to be most respective to the brand (as measured by store visits).
  • Sponsored Lens: Snapchat's rapid adoption across all demographic populations supports investment from retailers and restaurants that traditionally might have ignored this channel due to perception.
  • Attribution: The ability to connect Snapchat ad exposures and experiences to offline conversions will be one of the driving forces that will enable advertisers to invest larger portions of their media budgets on the platform.

"Snapchat's ability to drive offline actions will be one the key opportunities and revenue drivers in the coming years," said Shim. "Measurable ROI is what drove rapid adoption in paid search for Google, and app installs and audience targeting for Facebook."

About Placed

Placed is the leader in location-driven insights and ad intelligence. Measuring billions of locations across the world's largest opt-in location audience, Placed provides the most comprehensive understanding of consumers' offline behaviors. Connecting the physical and digital worlds, Placed is the industry standard currency for brands, agencies, and publishers to measure ad exposure to store visit, target location at scale, and deliver actionable insights into consumer behavior.

Founded in January 2011, Placed is headquartered in Seattle and is backed by Madrona Venture Group and Two Sigma Ventures.

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