Placed Targeting Expands to Programmatic with Adelphic Partnership

Maps Exchange Impressions to In-Store Visitation with Placed Attribution

Seattle, WA, October 16, 2014 - Placed and Adelphic today announced a partnership where Placed Targeting is now available through Adelphic's demand side platform. Placed Targeting enables advertisers to reach audiences with location based look-a-likes, expanding beyond basic point-of-interest targeting. Through this partnership, Adelphic's platform will feature enhanced targeting and closed-loop attribution, available to all client brands and agencies.

Measuring over 200 million latitude and longitude pairs a day across the world's largest opt-in location panel, Placed is able to measure the connections between these locations through its Place Graph®. By mapping the relationship between places, Placed is able to identify targetable latitude and longitude pairs that over index for a given audience segment.

Adelphic clients will have the ability to enable Placed Targeting as a checkbox option within the platform, gaining access to the Placed's most popular audience segments, including over 50 of the most frequented businesses in the US. On average, Placed Targeting expands the number of addressable locations by 500 times that targeting store locations alone.

"Consumers generate thousands of locations a day with their smartphones, and yet location based targeting is still focused on proximity to a single store," said David Shim, Founder and CEO of Placed. "The partnership with Adelphic enables advertisers to move past store proximity to target the other 99% of locations, enabling scale and driving performance across the exchanges."

In addition to Placed Targeting, Adelphic clients will now have access to Placed Attribution, the industry standard in measuring the impact of mobile advertisements on in-store visits. Adelphic joins a growing list of partners which represent over 60% of the top 25 networks and publishers in the US.

"The adoption of location targeting in mobile continues to accelerate, and this partnership with Placed, enables Adelphic's clients to build upon that momentum with a truly differentiated offering" said Michael Collins, CEO of Adelphic. "Our clients benefit with the ability to reach a broader audience than standard geofencing tactics, and together we close the loop on performance by measuring the impact of mobile advertising into in-store visitation."

About Placed

Placed is the leader in location-driven insights and ad intelligence. Measuring billions of locations across the world's largest opt-in location audience, Placed provides the most comprehensive understanding of consumers' offline behaviors. Connecting the physical and digital worlds, Placed is the industry standard currency for brands, agencies, and publishers to measure ad exposure to store visit, target location at scale, and deliver actionable insights into consumer behavior.

Founded in January 2011, Placed is headquartered in Seattle and is backed by Madrona Venture Group and Two Sigma Ventures.

About Adelphic Inc.

Adelphic Inc. is a leading mobile-first demand side advertising platform with unmatched audience insight capabilities for agencies and brands. Adelphic's powerful Predictive Data Platform and intelligent AudienceCubeâ„¢ deliver unparalleled results for advertisers. Founded in 2010, Adelphic is funded by Matrix Partners and Google Ventures.

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