Placed Launches Cross Device Marketplace, Enables Attribution from Desktop Ad Exposure to Store Visitation

Inaugural Data Providers BlueCava, Crosswise, Drawbridge, and Tapad, Join Cross Device Media Partners Collective, Conversant, Dstillery, GumGum, Viant, and 4INFO

SEATTLE, WA, September 16, 2015 - Placed Inc., the leader in connecting ads to store visits, launches the first Cross Device Marketplace to measure the effectiveness of desktop advertising in driving consumers into the store. Advertiser, agencies, and publishers are now able to activate a cross-screen solution of their choice to connect desktop ad impressions to store visits using Placed Attribution and the Cross Device Marketplace.

Placed's Cross Device Marketplace launches with industry leaders and innovators BlueCava, Crosswise, Drawbridge, and Tapad. With these partnerships, any agency or advertiser can enable Placed Attribution across their desktop campaigns providing a single currency that measures the effectiveness of advertising to foot traffic regardless of screen.

In addition, Placed announces that it has crossed a major milestone of 100+ partners utilizing Placed Attribution and Placed Targeting. Partners cover the gambit of publishers, ad networks, and technology providers including Adelphic, DataXu, Brightroll, InMobi, Pandora, RetailMeNot, Rocket Fuel, RUN, The Trade Desk, Tremor Video, and Weather.

Publishers, networks, and demand side platforms without a cross-screen solution can activate a partner in the marketplace with a checkbox, immediately connecting desktop to in-store. Additionally Placed Revenue enables advertisers to calculate return on ad spend with purchase and revenue metrics tied to store visits.

"The Cross Device Marketplace enables GumGum to showcase the effectiveness of in-image advertising in driving consumers in store, regardless of the screen in which the ad was served," said Ben Plomion, SVP Marketing at GumGum. "Placed Attribution is a solution that both media buyers and sellers trust, as they are focused on measurement versus media sales."

Placed Attribution - Cross Device Benchmarks in Q2 2015
Average In-Store Conversion Rate3.44%
Average Lift %11.14%
Average Cost Per Store Lift Visit - Lift$1.14

"BlueCava is excited to be partnering with an industry leader in digital to offline attribution," said Bill Varga, CRO at BlueCava. "Placed's focused approach, separating media from attribution is commendable, not only for attribution, but for cross-screen measurement."

"We are pleased to be a part of Placed's Cross Device Marketplace, which will enhance Placed's partners' ability to accurately measure desktop to in-store attribution," said Steve Glanz, Founder and CEO at Crosswise. "Advanced solutions to cross-device identification challenges will enable Placed's partners to realize a truly omni-channel approach to attribution."

"With the launch of the Cross Device Marketplace, Placed Attribution cements it status as the industry leader for measuring ad exposure to store visitation," said David Shim, Founder and CEO at Placed. "The addition of these cross-device partners highlights Placed's role as the unbiased and independent currency to measure to measure the effectiveness of digital advertising in driving store visits."

In addition to the Cross Device Marketplace launch partners, Placed Attribution is available across a number of cross-device media partners including Collective, Conversant, Dstillery, GumGum, Viant, and 4INFO.

About Placed

Placed is the leader in location-driven insights and ad intelligence. Measuring billions of locations across the world's largest opt-in location audience, Placed provides the most comprehensive understanding of consumers' offline behaviors. Connecting the physical and digital worlds, Placed is the industry standard currency for brands, agencies, and publishers to measure ad exposure to store visit, target location at scale, and deliver actionable insights into consumer behavior.

Founded in January 2011, Placed is headquartered in Seattle and is backed by Madrona Venture Group and Two Sigma Ventures.

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