Study Reveals Mothers' Top Grocery Destinations and Smartphone Activities Before and During Store Visit

CPG Sites Least Popular for Couponing Moms, Shopping Lists Top Smartphone Activity, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Under Index for Moms

SEATTLE, WA, January 8, 2014 - Placed Inc. released a new study that found just 5% of smartphone couponing moms prefer to access CPG sites while in stores, with coupon and grocer websites preferences 5 times larger. Additionally, Placed found that specialty grocers like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's somewhat surprisingly under indexed for moms, while shopping lists ranked as the most popular smartphone behavior. Based on data from Placed Insights,Moms in the Grocery Aisle uncovers unique findings into the highly coveted mom segment, including the retailers they are most likely to visit and the ways they use their smartphone before and during a grocery store visit.

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"Mothers are one of the most valuable consumer segments, with purchasing power and influence that exceeds any other demographic group," said David Shim, Founder and CEO at Placed. "With 4 in 5 mobile moms turning to their smartphone as a grocery shopping resource, CPG brands and retailers need to better understand the impact that mobile has on in-store visitation to reach this next generation of moms."

Mothers Opt for National Supermarkets Over Specialty Grocers

Using Placed Insights, the study measured where mothers were most likely to shop for groceries in November 2013 using directly measured location data.

  • Kroger was the most-visited grocery store with 13.7% of US mothers visiting in November 2013, more than double the reach of #2 grocer Aldi (6.5%).
  • Mothers were 26% less likely to visit specialty grocers Trader Joe's and 41% less likely to visit Whole Foods, while both grocers slightly over indexed for females without children.

4 in 5 Smartphone-Owning Mothers Use Their Device for Grocery Shopping Activities

Using Placed Questions, the study derived insight into mothers' mobile activities and couponing preferences via a survey of 5,221 U.S. smartphone responses from females with children in household.

  • "Making/referencing shopping lists" ranked as the most popular smartphone activity for grocery shopping mothers, closely followed by "finding/accessing coupons."
  • Mothers were 11% more likely to access coupons on their smartphone prior to grocery shopping instead of while in store, underscoring why CPG brands need to utilize behavioral mobile targeting to reach these mothers before they step foot in stores.
  • Nearly 20% of mothers that own smartphones do not use their device for grocery shopping activities, highlighting greenfield opportunities for CPGs and grocery brands.

CPG Sites Least Popular Source for Coupons

  • Among mothers that access coupons on their smartphone while grocery shopping, 29.3% prefer to access general coupon website/apps, ranking as the top method.
  • Only 5% of mothers prefer to visit a product brand website/app while in a grocery store pointing to a lack of awareness and adoption among mothers and the potential for CPG brands to improve their reach among this highly-coveted population.

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Moms in the Grocery Aisle uncovers unique insights into the shopping behaviors of mothers, including the retailers they visit and the role of smartphones in their grocery shopping activities.

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