Placed Makes Location Analytics Accessible for Mobile Applications

Powerful location analytics service now available for free

June 12, 2012 - Placed, Inc. announced today the public beta launch of its location analytics solution, Placed Nearby ( Placed Nearby is a free service and works with any mobile application with location permissions.

By connecting the physical and digital worlds, Placed is creating a new class of analytics focused on location. With Placed Nearby, application owners can see the places their users were nearby when interacting with their app. Application owners get aggregated daily reports, including: Businesses, Business Categories, User Traffic Patterns, and Heat Maps.

Placed Nearby changes the way that app developers and businesses understand location and the impact that it has on marketing, ad sales, and product development:

  • Marketers gain insight into their audience composition based on their proximity to places in the physical world.
  • Mobile ad sales teams can use Placed to increase revenue by improving discoverability of places audiences are nearby.
  • Product Managers can leverage location analytics to prioritize product features by understanding the impact of location on app interactions.

"Before Placed, the location analytics available to application developers was severely limited and too high level to be useful," said David Shim, Founder and CEO of Placed. "It's really exciting to see the ways app developers are starting to use Placed Nearby. A product manager at one of our beta customers is evaluating rate of speed to determine if voice controls would improve usability of the app. We look forward to seeing more creative ways our customers leverage Placed Nearby and the opportunities generated by the accessibility of location analytics."

"Placed quantifies the value of location for mobile content creators and advertisers," said Jeff Lanctot, Global CMO of Razorfish. "It's a unique offering, and one that will be well received. App developers will use Placed Nearby to differentiate their inventory, and marketers will use it to better understand their mobile prospects and customers."

During its private beta over the last several quarters, Placed has observed more than 2 billion measured locations, and projects that it will observe 1.5 billion measured locations for Q2 2012.

"Our mission from day one has been to connect the digital and physical worlds to deliver location insights to the masses," said David Shim. "By making Placed Nearby free, we are eliminating a historically significant barrier to entry for any analytics solution: price. This price point reiterates our commitment to the widespread adoption of location analytics."

INFOGRAPHIC: Placed's Take on Location Analytics

About Placed

Placed is the leader in location-driven insights and ad intelligence. Measuring billions of locations across the world's largest opt-in location audience, Placed provides the most comprehensive understanding of consumers' offline behaviors. Connecting the physical and digital worlds, Placed is the industry standard currency for brands, agencies, and publishers to measure ad exposure to store visit, target location at scale, and deliver actionable insights into consumer behavior.

Founded in January 2011, Placed is headquartered in Seattle and is backed by Madrona Venture Group and Two Sigma Ventures.

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