Placed and Foursquare join forces to deliver the first fully independent location stack in the technology space.

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Connect Ad Exposure to Store Visits and Revenue
Ad Exposure
  • Industry standard for ad-to-in-store
  • Common currency across 270+ partners
  • Reporting via web UI
  • Number of store visits
  • Store conversion rate
  • Cost per store visit

  • Measure additional visitation vs control, without running control media
  • Number of Lift Store Visits
  • Exposed vs. Unexposed conversion rate
  • Cost per Lift Store Visit

Placed Omnichannel Attribution
  • Mobile in-app & web
  • Desktop Display & Video
  • Paid Search
  • Over-the-top TV
  • Linear & Addressable TV
  • Digital & Analog Out-of-home


Store Visits

Understand the relationship between ad impressions and in-store visits by day.

Standard Lift

Quantify the impact of audience targeting and ad exposure in driving in-store visits.


Attribute ad exposure to offline revenue enabling marketers to measure return on ad spend (ROAS).

Impression Features

Measure the characteristics of the audience exposed to ads.

How It Works


Request Placed Attribution to quantify the impact of omnichannel campaigns in driving consumers into a store.

View the list of Placed partners or contact us if you'd like us to partner with a specific company.


Leave behind CTR as the primary performance metric, and offer clients the ability to directly tie omnichannel ad exposure to consumers' offline behaviors.

View the list of Placed partners or contact us if you'd like us to partner with a specific company.

Media Partners

Placed Attribution drives the case for larger budgets and higher CPMs. Integration is simple and requires minimal technical resources.

Contact us to enable Placed Attribution on your mobile network or site.

Placed Insights, which measures 140 billion locations a month from over 150 million devices, is the foundation for Placed Attribution Using the Place Graph®, Placed is able to incorporate markers representing exposure to omnichannel advertising and attribute that back to an in-store visit.

Why Use Placed Attribution?


Quantify the offline impact of your omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Audience Measurement

Understand the characteristics of the audience exposed to advertising (mobile, desktop, outdoor), indexed against the US population.

Industry-Leading Approach

Placed delivers a complete view of where people go in the physical world, not relying on consumer recall or utilizing proximity as a proxy for an in-store visit.

Commitment to User Control

Placed only collects a user's locations after they have opted-in to location sharing.

The Preferred Attribution Solution for Agencies

What People are Saying About Placed Attribution

"Placed continues [the] attribution story by starting where digital ends, with the ability to move past the digital screen to measure the impact of all media on offline store visits."

– Brian McAndrews
Former CEO at Pandora and aQuantive

"We were able to move past the traditional metrics of views and clicks to measure the true impact of our digital media on ticket sales with Placed Attribution."

– Amy Elkins
SVP, Media & Marketing Innovation at STX Entertainment

"When it comes to advertising, AccuWeather is focused on delivering on the needs of brands and agencies, and in-store attribution from Placed is at the top of that list."

– Melissa Kuper
VP Ad Sales Product at Accuweather

"Placed's solution has allowed Clear Channel Outdoor Americas to demonstrate the power of OOH advertising by measuring real-world consumer behavior."

– Andy Stevens
SVP, Research & Insights at Clear Channel Outdoor

"A single currency for attribution across a campaign, not only benefits our clients, but all agencies and brands…"

- Sarah Bachman
VP at Horizon Media

"In vetting third party location measurement solutions for our clients, Placed ranked highest in accuracy, scale and consumer privacy…"

- Jeremy Sigel
Global Director of Partnerships
& Emerging Media at Essence

" incredibly valuable solution for any advertiser with a physical world presence...,"

- Dipanshu Sharma
CEO at GroundTruth

"...our clients and teams have benefited from Placed's products and services and we look forward to continued success with Placed…."

- Mitch Weinstein
SVP at IPG Mediabrands

Placed also offers Targeting, providing Advertisers, Publishers and Networks with data to proactively reach the right audience wherever they are in the real world. Learn more about Placed Targeting.