Placed provides clients the most complete understanding of what consumers do in the physical world – and turns that information into actionable insights.

Placed is the leader in location analytics. By directly measuring locations through smartphones and leveraging big data principles, Placed is able to index the real-world paths and behaviors of consumers.

Our Approach:

We've built our company with a focus on innovation, big data, people, and privacy:

  • Innovation: As a pioneer in location analytics, we embrace the challenges that others haven’t.
  • Big Data: We’ve measured, analyzed and validated billions of location data points and hundreds of millions of place features, using a combination of established models and novel techniques to bring our clients the most accurate insights available.
  • People: Our team brings experience from the world’s top technology companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Quantcast, WebTrends, SEOmoz, comScore, and aQuantive; with experience transforming ideas into products. One-third of our employees have an advanced degree, with 1 in 5 holding a PhD.
  • Privacy: Respecting consumer privacy is at the core of our business. We practice and preach an opt-in, aggregated, and non-ad targeted based approach to location measurement.

Placed is recognized as a mobile innovator by key organizations including ad:tech, iMedia, O’Reilly Strata and VentureBeat.

Placed and Foursquare join forces to deliver the first fully independent location stack in the technology space.

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