EXPLICIT PERMISSION REQUIRED - Placed does not obtain any location data without explicit permission from panelists. At a minimum, Placed requires a double opt-in, and in most cases, a triple opt-in, using plain and clear language. The panelist must accept the app’s request for location, provide approval to share location and device data with Placed and review the terms of service and privacy policy.

SIMPLE OPT OUT - Opting out is as simple as uninstalling the app, or revoking location permissions.


PLACED APPS - Panelists are offered incentives such as gift cards, sweepstakes entries and charitable donations in exchange for sharing location and device data.

AFFILIATE APPS - Affiliates are provided with an alternative monetization strategy to advertising in their apps, so they can offer users free apps without impacting user experience.


AGGREGATE REPORTING - Location Analytics are most valuable when aggregated across thousands of devices versus just one. Placed’s products are designed to report on an aggregate basis to third parties.

PREVENTION - Placed’s Location Analytics are designed with safeguards to mask individually identifiable data from third parties.

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