Placed partners with a growing number of leading networks and publishers to enable Placed Attribution and Placed Targeting solutions for many of the nation’s top advertisers and agencies.







Clear Channel Outdoor Americas

National CineMedia

Benefits to Advertisers and Agencies

Seamless integration with partners means you get direct access to Placed Attribution and Placed Targeting solutions without any technical resources from your team. Our programmatic approach makes it easy to enable Placed solutions across all your campaigns for standardized reporting.

To see your network or publisher use Placed, contact us and we will work to add them to our list of partners.

Benefits to Partners

Offer your clients access to leading location solutions for improved planning, performance, and evaluation of location-driven ad campaigns. Placed solutions expand targetable inventory, drive the case for larger budgets and higher CPMs, and require minimal technical resources for integration.

To join the growing list of Placed partners, contact us to learn more and get started.

What Agencies Are Saying about Placed

"Placed is a leader in digital attribution and the preferred in-store attribution solution across Horizon."
- Sarah Bachman,
VP of Mobile Strategy at Horizon Media
"Placed Attribution is the best in class measurement solution for store visits and in-store engagements."
- Jeremy Sigel
Director of Mobile,
North America at Essence
"With Placed now accessible to all DigitasLBi employees, we’re able to better link consumer behaviors between the physical and digital world."
- Brett Leary,
VP/Group Director of Mobile at DigitasLBi

What Our Partners Are Saying About Placed

" an incredibly valuable solution for any advertiser with a physical world presence that is looking to capitalize on the rapid growth of mobile-engaged consumers."
- Dipanshu Sharma,
CEO at xAd
"Brands need to feel confident that the dollars they are spending in mobile advertising are truly moving the needle..."
- Mollie Spilman,
EVP at Millennial Media
"...targeting the right consumer; driving foot traffic, and then proving what worked. Placed Targeting and Attribution are now an important part of that formula at Verve…"
- James Smith,
CRO at Verve